OFF the beaten track experience!

A full canter in the endless Mongolian steppe? Trekking above the clouds among the Himalayan eight-thousanders? Or maybe a trip to the edges of the world – Alaska, Kamchatka or Patagonia? OFFTRAVEL equals original ideas for a journey of a lifetime. If you have spirit of a traveler, like challenges, want to discover the treasures of nature and learn about the cultural diversity of the world, join us!

We have organized adventure trips, horseback riding tours and trekking tours to the farthest corners of Earth since 2009. We have already organized more than hundred trips and we enjoy several hundred people’s trust. Huge experience is our background and relying on it we travel in small groups, pay attention to safety and individual needs of the participants. All trips are organized cyclically, about the same time every year. Every trip can be also organized at a group’s request any time of the year. No matter where you decide to go with us we guarantee an interesting itinerary full of different attractions. We choose ambitious travel destinations and your satisfaction after the adventure is our most important goal!

During our trips we mix elements of a challenge with a perfect opportunity to chill out. Our trips always go according to an active and diverse travel programs, realized in small groups where teamwork is something that really counts. People taking part in our trips are of different age, with different professions and interests. There are however several things connecting all of them – passion for traveling, exploring the world, collecting strong sensations and vibrant adventures. We offer many activities: trekking tours, horseback riding tours, 4×4 and motorcycle trips, rafting, bicycle tours and polar expeditions.

How do we travel?

During our expeditions, we travel by rented off-road vehicles, buses or local means of transport – shuttle buses, trains or taxis. Accommodation depends on the nature of the trip, local conditions or our idea. We usually sleep in trusted and good standard tourist hotels, guesthouses or just in the tents or yurts. We eat in local bars and small restaurants. We do our best to choose places that are mainly visited by the locals and not full of tourists. In solitary places we cook  together over a campfire or the gas stoves.

What should you know before a horseback riding tour?

You do not have to be a seasoned rider to take part in our tour but of course even those experienced ones will not complain about the lack of emotions. We work with experienced local guides and choose trusted horses. Your pleasure and safety during the ride is our most important concern. The routes we wander on a horseback are different – often the wide “gallop” spaces but also sometimes rushing streams that we have to cross or narrow mountain paths. Thanks to this we are able to reach really amazing places. Remember that even if you are a beginner, you can still join our horseback riding tour. However, while preparing for a trip with us, it is good to improve you general condition and to go for some extra rides on the hack. Keep in mind that we will be riding in the mountains and you should be healthy enough to participate in such expedition. In return, we promise a fantastic adventure in the saddle!

Will I manage a trekking tour?

We organize trekking tours in various mountains around the world and with varying difficulty levels. We know the places we choose very well because we have visited them many times. We have prepared easier routes in the Carpathians and more demanding ones in the Himalayas and in the Tien-shan. Hiking with us means great views, exciting experiences in the mountains, communing with wild nature and learning about local culture and folklore.  We choose ambitious destinations, but we pay utmost attention to your safety. Expeditions take place away from the civilization, routes often run in difficult terrain at high altitude, which is why your health should allow you to participate in such expedition. During the trekking tours, we usually carry all equipment with us, which allows us to feel independent and free but in the same time creates more demanding and ambitious journey.

Offtravel s.c. is registered in the Register of Tourism Organizers and Entrepreneurs Facilitating the Purchase of Related Tourist Services run by the Marshal of the Lodzkie Voivodship under the number 404, and has an insurance guarantee SIGNAL IDUNA Polska Towarzystwo Ubezpieczeń S.A. under the number M 515137.